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Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12C380-Euro3380435185021303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12C420-Euro3420480200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12C460-Euro3460530220025304.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12C500-Euro3500575240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12D380-Euro4380435185021303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12D420-Euro4420480200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12D460-Euro4460530220025304.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12D500-Euro4500575240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12E380-Euro5380435185021303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12E420-Euro5420480200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12E460-Euro5460530220025304.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH12D12E500-Euro5500575240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13A400-Euro3400460200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13A440-Euro3440505220025303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13A480-Euro3480550240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13A520-Euro3520600250028754.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13B400-Euro4400480200024003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13B440-Euro4440529215025803.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13B500-Euro4500601240028804.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13C400-Euro5400460200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13C440-Euro5440505220025303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13C480-Euro5480550240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13C520-Euro5520600250028754.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13K420-Euro642021003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13K460-Euro6460
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13K500-Euro6500
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D13K540-Euro6540
Чип тюнингVolvo FH13D16E540-Euro4540635260029504.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16E580-Euro4580665280032204.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16E660-Euro4660760310035654.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16G540-Euro5540635265029504.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16G600-Euro5600700280031504.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16G700-Euro5700800315035003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FH16D16G750-Euro5750860355038504.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FL5D5K210-Euro62108002.2
Чип тюнингVolvo FL5D5K240-Euro62409002.2
Чип тюнингVolvo FL6D6A220-Euro32202557008052.2
Чип тюнингVolvo FL6D6A250-Euro32502908259503.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FL7D7E240-Euro3-524027592010602.2
Чип тюнингVolvo FL7D7E280-Euro3-5280320105012103.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FL8D8K250-Euro62509503.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FL8D8K280-Euro628010503.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11C330-Euro5330400160019503.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11C370-Euro5370450175021503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11C410-Euro5410495195023503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11C450-Euro5450550215025804.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11K330-Euro633016003.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11K370-Euro637017503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11K410-Euro641019503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM11D11K450-Euro645021504.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM12D12C340340390170019553.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM12D12C380380435185021303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM12D12C420420485200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM12D12D460460530220025304.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13A360-Euro4360415180020703.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13A400-Euro4400460200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13A440-Euro4440505220025303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13A480-Euro4480550240027604.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13B360-Euro4360415180020703.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13B400-Euro4400460200023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13B440-Euro4440505220025303.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13C380-Euro5380460190023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13C420-Euro5420500210025003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13C460-Euro5460550230027004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13C500-Euro5500575250029004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13C540-Euro5540620260030004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13K420-Euro642021003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13K460-Euro646023004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM13D13K500-Euro650025004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FM9D9B260-Euro3-5260300125014403.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM9D9B300-Euro3-5300345140016103.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM9D9B340-Euro3-5340390160018403.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FM9D9B360-Euro3-5360415170019553.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FM9D9B380-Euro3-5380435170019553.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11C330-Euro5330400160019503.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11C370-Euro5370430175021003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11C410-Euro5410490195023503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11C450-Euro5450540215025004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11K330-Euro633016003.4
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11K370-Euro637017503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD11K410-Euro641021503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13C380-Euro5380460190023003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13C420-Euro5420500210025503.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13C460-Euro5460550230027504.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13C500-Euro5500600250029004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13C540-Euro5540650260031504.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13K420-Euro642021003.8
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13K460-Euro646023004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13K500-Euro650025004.1
Чип тюнингVolvo FMXD13K540-Euro654026004.1

чип тюнинг volvo

The concept of chip tuning of the VOLVO brand has entered our life relatively recently. At the same time, the procedure showed effectiveness so quickly that the popularity of the VOLVO engine chip tuning is quite justified. The software method of performance modernization changes the main parameters of the fuel card operation without causing harm, while achieving the maximum level of productivity and efficiency.

Positive feedback about chip tuning allowed us to introduce this innovation in all areas of use of various automotive equipment: agricultural, passenger, cargo and industrial.

Chip tuning of VOLVO trucks: how much will you save and what will you get

VOLVO trucks have certain differences from others. The trucks are designed for long-distance flights and a large transported weight, so the manufacturer strives to make its cars hardy, powerful and economical. The firmware of trucks improves the performance of power and fuel consumption, which allows the car to do its job quickly and saves your money.

So, the VOLVO chip tuning gives the following advantages:

  • Increases the engine power indicator, which reduces the load at which the engine is running. It allows you to quickly overcome long ascents and quickly respond to road conditions.
  • Fuel economy on a loaded car is up to 10% — a significant indicator for a truck, with total fuel consumption.

Tuning of trucks by means of software intervention solves many problems of modern cars with the help of competent balanced tuning. Such a service pays off in 3-4 months, after which it brings income on the economical consumption of fuel and lubricants.

Volvo truck firmware: features and benefits

The Turbo Diesel company carries out high-quality chip tuning of the engine, which is based on the competent approach of our specialists based on your wishes and the capabilities of the car. An important point is the control of malfunctions expressed by the Check engine signal: we do not seek to suppress it or disguise it. On the contrary, we demonstrate that on a serviceable engine, the firmware is able to maximize the potential inherent in the equipment by the manufacturer.

Chip tuning of a truck allows you to :

  • disable the DPF particulate filter;
  • disable AdBlue urea;
  • turn off the EGR valve;
  • add power;
  • improve fuel economy

Volvo chip tuning in Ukraine

The Turbo Diesel company carries out chip tuning of VOLVO (Volvo) and other popular car brands that are in demand in the cargo segment. We guarantee a professional approach and a tangible result that you will be satisfied with – whether it is a truck for urban use or a trucker in need of high-quality tuning.

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