Why should I be interested in this offer?

The goal of ecotuning is to reprogram the ECU of equipment to increase power and reduce fuel consumption, which leads to tangible savings in fuel costs.

What is the payback period of the firmware?

The average payback period of the firmware 2-4 months. Further, you get additional profit in the form of tangible savings in fuel costs.

Why the factory initially doesn't do as you suggest?

Modern trends in the industrial equipment market largely follow automotive trends, where the sales process has long been controlled by marketers. So, one version of the engine can have several versions of the software. Identical equipment models differ in output characteristics and price. The difference between the most affordable and top-end modification of the same model can be 15-20 thousand euros. The cost of the firmware is much less, while you get a more powerful machine that performs the same work more effectively using less fuel or making it faster and saving time.

My equipment is under warranty, can there be problems?

The program is recorded only in a working technique. Our programs do not cure existing problems, do not extinguish the signal of the Check Engine! On a serviceable engine, the program works safely as it uses the possibilities set by the manufacturer, without removing any restrictions regarding the safety of the engine components. In case of a need for warranty repair, we strongly recommend flashing the factory ECU program with our equipment and then contact an authorized dealer for warranty repairs.
Impirtant. From a formal point of view, a change in the engine control program may be the reason for the refusal of warranty support.
That is why we recommend returning the native program. After warranty repair, we return our program for free (only the cost of the work is paid).

How is everything going?
We come to you with all the necessary equipment for the firmware. We carry out a complete diagnosis of the tractor using TEXA equipment.
If the state of technology is recognized as suitable, proceed to the firmware ECU.
Upon completion, we re-test and test drive.
We sign documents on maintenance and acts of the performed works within the framework of the contract.
Technique ready to go!
Depending on the type of equipment, the procedure takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
How is your firmware different from tuning blocks?

On the market, sometimes there are devices under the general term “tuning boxes”.
These are primitive devices that plug into the gap of one or two sensors (as a rule, on the fuel rail) and modify the signal transmitted to the computer.
For example, increase fuel pressure, forcing the computer to compensate for these processes with other parameters.
As a result, the engine control unit has to constantly work not in the normal mode, but to emergency correct the work of those or other sensors.
In such conditions it is impossible to ensure the normal and safe DURABLE operation of the engine.
Those. The work of tuning boxes should be considered unsafe for the engine.
On the other hand, a high-quality chip-tuner program correctly manages all ECU calibration cards, ensuring higher parameters and factory reliability and durability.

I do not like the result, can I get a refund?

If for any reason you decide to return the regular program, we are always ready to meet halfway.

What else can you offer to improve the efficiency of technology?

Modern industrial equipment is equipped with advanced engines and systems, among which there are DPF particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation system EGR, Adblue for exhaust gas neutralization systems.
We offer shutdown services for DPF, EGR, AdBlue for agricultural, mining and construction equipment, as well as for trucks.

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