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What is JCB Chip Tuning?

JCB chip tuning is a procedure that allows you to achieve maximum performance from the car by configuring control programs and the fuel card. The software regulates the operation of any machine and often limits the inherent potential, the expansion of which is guaranteed to give an increase in power, fuel economy, and improved performance. Resorting to the competent execution of this procedure, you significantly reduce the load on the equipment and increase its efficiency without any mechanical changes.

In Western countries, the practice of chip tuning of the engine has long been worked out, which allowed agricultural companies to bring their work to a new level. Applying this experience in practice, you will see decent results that optimize the processes of agricultural machinery and its maintenance.

Why do I need a chip tuning of JCB agricultural machinery

The firmware of tractors, combines and self-propelled sprayers takes care of the following tasks:

  • Increase in power (due to high-quality reprogramming of the initial parameters of the fuel card, the equipment can overcome the ascent much easier without losing speed, and also move perfectly on viscous soil).
  • A gentle effect on the engine (only a competent chip tuning of the Turbo Diesel engine company has a beneficial effect on the main components of the machine, preventing them from overexerting themselves and approaching the limit of reliability, reducing the service life).
  • Reduction of fuel costs (maintenance of agricultural machinery is much cheaper, since the main parameters are balanced and do not require a large amount of fuel for productive functioning).

What opportunities does the JCB firmware open up for you

JCB agricultural machinery is perfectly amenable to flashing, which makes it one of the most popular in its field. Chip tuning of JCB tractors and combines, carried out by our specialists, opens up new horizons for you and the equipment, which in practice demonstrate the advantages of the updated equipment.

  • Economical fuel consumption (about 10-15%).
  • More hp/ha to increase the productivity of guns.
  • Software shutdown or removal of the DPF particulate filter.
  • Programmatically disabling or removing AdBlue urea.
  • Software shutdown or removal of the EGR valve.

It is worth noting that we do not extinguish the Check engine signal and do not mask the shortcomings in the engine, but help to reveal the potential of your car to 100% – safely and without negative consequences. The elimination of active codes is possible only if they are caused by a problem with the DPF particulate filter, AdBlue urea or the EGR valve.

JCB chip tuning in Ukraine: who to trust

Positive reviews about chip tuning raise the demand for this service. The Turbo Diesel company is ready to provide you with high-quality firmware of agricultural cars and other types of chip tuning with a quick payback of up to 2-4 months and subsequent minimization of fuel and fuel and lubricants costs. Our specialists will sew any JCB equipment: tractors.

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