ПроцедураМодельДвигательМощность доМощность послеМомент до Момент после
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.8 T 150 PS150185210320
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.8 T 163 PS163185225320
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.8 T 190 PS190200235320
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.9 TDi 100 PS100135240318
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.9 TDi 115 PS115143285344
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20041.9 TDi 130 PS130161310356
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20042.5 TDi 155 PS155178310354
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20042.5 TDi 163 PS163184350379
Чип тюнингAudi A4 B6 - 2001 - 20042.5 TDi 180 PS180202370407

Audi a4b6 chip tuning (Audi a4 b6) is a software configuration of the ECU that optimizes the engine parameters and brings it to the maximum level of performance. Not everyone knows that the manufacturer makes one engine model and programmatically adjusts its power for different markets and customers, so chip tuning is not forcing the engine, but revealing the resources laid down by the factory in order to achieve maximum engine efficiency.

Autotuning involves intervention in order to increase its power and efficiency, and engine chip optimization optimizes control programs. We achieve a reduction in fuel consumption without loss of power, add power and safely make changes to the operation of the car.

What gives the Audi a4 b6 firmware (Audi a4b6)

If for trucks and agricultural machinery, the main requirements for car firmware are such characteristics as an increase in power, an increase in speed, the possibility of saving fuel, then with passenger cars the range of tasks expands somewhat: it is necessary to make the car “obedient”, adapted to the driving style of the owner, to maintain reliability and improve the main traction and power characteristics.

A significant role in the above list is played by savings on fuel and lubricants. The service of chip tuning of the engine is not as expensive as it may seem at first glance. The invested funds pay off in a few months, and then you get a profit of 10-15% of the funds saved on fuel and lubricants.

Additional advantages of Audi a4b6 software tuning (Audi a4 b6)

  • Comfortable operation with the gearbox (it reacts more gently to switching). Extension of the operational period.
  • Increased torque.
  • Optimization of the high-speed operation of the car: the ability to reach the high-speed and power maximum faster, without creating a dangerous load on the mechanical and software components.
  • Work with disabling (removing) EGR systems, DPF filters, AdBlue urea.

The chip tuning of the Turbo Diesel company does not provide for interrupting the Check engine signal and is recorded only in a serviceable car.

Chip tuning Audi a4 b6 in Ukraine: who to entrust your car to

You can order the chip tuning of Audi a4 b6 (Audi a4 b6) in Dnipro from the specialists of the company “Turbo Diesel”. The Turbo Diesel team is a competent staff who professionally interacts with you and your car. Based on the wishes of the owner, we carry out car tuning in accordance with the requirements, at the same time, remembering the capabilities of the car laid down by the manufacturer.

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